Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What We Learned in 2007 (vol. 1)

1. Pitbull's look best handing from a chandelier.
2. Global warming means we can all move further north.
3. Airport bathrooms are a lot more fun than we used to think.
4. Republican loved handies as much as the rest of us.
5. Restless crapping can be taken extremely out of context.
6. 1 tap for I need toilet paper
7. 2 taps for how about I jerk you off under the stall.
8. 3 taps for "Hi I'm a congressman from a conservative state. Would you care to place your member in my hand while I move it back and forth in the following motion?"
9. Ewwwwwww
10. Every baseball player ever, especially Babe Ruth, has used steroids.
11. Barry Bonds actually injected his own ass and the home run ball with steroids.
12. I'll add more later...i'm bored...and tired...fuck you don't judge me.

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