Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Live Blogging Class

It's Tuesday again, which means its time for another seminar live-blog!

1:35pm: Professor explains how to take an exam. No shit sherlock...the class is entirely seniors.

1:37pm: Now he is telling us how to read a chapter of a book. What's that? Left to right? Oh....that has been my fucking problem!

1:41pm: "I try to give an exam that is both fair and makes sure of your knowledge." Thank god, I thought he was going to say that the exam is designed to fuck us in the ass.

1:43pm: "I don't know what teal is, I don't know what mauve is, I don't know what chartreuse is..." I did not make this up, he just listed a bunch of colors he does not know. What is going on?

1:47pm: Remember garden gnome and hitler youth from last week? Hitler youth just called garden gnome a baby killer. Abortion debates are always fun for everyone!

1:52pm: "I'm not even going to begin to tell young women how to dress. You dress classier...we know that won't happen in this class." I'm pretty Professor smoked some crack before class.

2:05pm: Springsteen is on the cover of Rolling Stone! Sickness, that man is god...whoops...started zoning out already.

2:12pm: You know what should be a word? Douchebaggery.

3:33pm: I fell asleep and then woke up in time for the break again. I should stop doing that.

3:34pm: "Are there any disadvantages to diversity?" Is it wrong that I instantly thought of 3 horribly inappropriate and more than mildly racist jokes? Abercrombie and Fitch thinks there are lots of disadvantages to diversity, and look how well they are doing.

3:37pm: I wonder how far off topic I can get this class if I mention that delicious celebrity stoked bonfire in Malibu?

3:38pm: Someone just made a slavery joke. That is good old fashion wholesome white people fun. Hmm...perhaps we could use some diversity.

3:54: The hitler youth kid just went on a rant about socialized medicine. Someone needs to fuck that kid before he becomes the next Rick Santorum.

4:03pm: 12 minutes till drinking.

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