Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Live Blogging Class

Live blogging has become a recent trend in the blog world. It is also probably the most boring trend ever. Nothing is more boring than a press conference, except reading some self involved, fat ass, office monkey attempt to make witty comments on said press conference.
With that said, here is my awesomely exciting minute by minute live blog of my Tuesday afternoon seminar.

1:35pm: Professor tells bad story about weekend, everyone laughs awkwardly.

1:39pm: Professor tells everyone that he has been too busy to grade any of our work, everyone pretends to give a shit.

1:40pm: More stalling...it take skill to fill three hours.

1:48pm: Professor almost picks nose, but goes for scratch a last second.

1:55pm: I realize that there are no hot girls in this class.

2:03pm: Professor just made a poorly veiled sexual innuendo towards one of the may unattractive girls.

2:11pm: I just sneezed really hard and I think I got the girl next to me with some shrapnel.

2:22pm: We just spent 10 minutes discussing the different versions and meanings of dessert and desert.

2:34pm: We are in the midst of a politically heated argument between a kid who looks like possible Hitler youth, and one who looks like a garden gnome.

2:36pm: Hitler youth just called garden gnome a gay...in slightly more indirect terminology.

3:05pm: Just woke up from a 29 minute nap in time for a 10 minutes break from class.

3:25pm: Garden gnome just eye fucked the shit out of me, maybe hitler youth was right.

3:32pm: "Should we give a liver transplant to someone who is an alcoholic?"-Professor...half the class thinks to themselves "shit I hope so."

3:39pm: Someone farted.

3:42pm: Can still smell it.

3:50pm: I just noticed how shiny the table seminar table is. I just want to jump up and slide across it on my belly.

3:55pm: It would totally be worth it. I would land right on the Professor.

4:02pm: No ventilation. Most of the class is high off the dry erase markers.

4:10pm: There's a blind chick in my class? No fucking way.

4:12pm: Fart still lingering.

4:15pm: Freedom.

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