Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Drinking Is Not a Game (Easter Edition)

Going home for Easter weekend? That College Guy's Easter Drinking Game should help you tolerate the family and quell your shaky hands while trying to decorate eggs.

-Drink once everytime your little brother calls an egg pretty.
-Drink twice to clear the mental image of him twirling a baton at a highschool football game.
-Drink once everytime your drunk Uncle steps on an egg and then compares it to his shattered dreams.
-Shotgun a beer every time you tell an eight-year-old the easter bunny was killed by viscous dogs.
-Shotgun two if its a relative.
-Drink three times whenever your senile grandfather compares the easter bunny to Hitler.
-Pound a beer whenever you picture your hot cousin in bunny ears.
-Drink until you black out when you picture her in only bunny ears.

For your viewing pleasure:

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