Sunday, April 29, 2007

Product Recalls from Japan

Sometimes companies forget to hire translators. Most of the time this ends in hilarious slapstick situations which end up on Mad TV (FYI: Mad TV is the reason the terrorists are winning). Sometimes, however, these companies produce life threatening products that must be recalled...the result...even more hilarity. The following are some selections from recent Japanese products being recalled in America:

-ALERT!: Turtleneck gives VD when worn on neck of head.
-CAUTION: Microwave stabs babies when burning popcorn.
-CAUTIONS: Old person diapers make rape when playing tennis.
-WARNING: Car makes fire when sex is made in back of.
-DEFECT: Kittens die from holding under water.
-SUPER ALERT: Children prone for sexy when fed liquor.

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