Sunday, April 8, 2007

Drinking Is Not Game (Masters drinking game edition)

So this weekend was the Masters, and currently Tiger woods is preparing to gnaw through the flesh of another hopeful contender, rip out his heart, and crush all his hopes and dreams. So here is our latest drinking game. It is Masters themed, but you can play while watching any group of spoiled white guys whack balls.

-Shotgun a beer everytime a golfer swears.
-Drink once everytime Tiger hits a left handed shot just for the hell of it.
-Drink twice if lands it within three feet of the hole but he still looks like he wants to strangle a kitten.
-Shotgun a beer everytime someone in crowd screams something that sounds offensive.
-Drink once when a shot hits someone in the crowd.
-Feel guilty if it is somone in a wheelchair.
-Drink for the duration of all pointless camera work (empty fairways, trees etc.)
-Drink once everytime an announcer talks about how good Tiger is and it sounds sexual.
-Drink twice if he does it with an accent.

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