Thursday, September 6, 2007

Welcome Back!

I'm back from my 4 and a half month vacation with brand new wisdom and, if you're lucky, some fucking humor. But honestly, who has time for humor these days. Our country is literally falling apart at the pant seams. Speaking of pants around the ankles, when did the republicans become so cock hungry? I mean, a men's room in an airport in Minnesota? What happened to the good old days when a senator could go on an all night binge of cocaine and underage child hookers, then have the evidence erased the next morning by a local police chief whose daughter is looking to get into politics but has some federal meth charges on her record that need to mysteriously vanish. I guess we need to admire Larry Craig's work ethic. He was so damn busy fighting for the rights of good old fashion, moral, hard working Americans who hate the gays, that he only had time for a quick handy from a dude in a crowded airport. If only all senators were so good at balancing their schedules. Anyway enjoy the picture of soon to be former Senator Craig looking not at all did we not see this coming?

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